Assistant Property Manager

The Property Manager will be responsible for all leasing, marketing, resident retention, customer service, bookkeeping and administrative duties as required daily. In addition the Property Manager will oversee all maintenance staff and physical needs. We are looking for an experienced, assertive, and optimistic individual who will lead our team and continue to build on our success.

Strive to maintain average occupancy and collection rate of 95%.
Oversee advertising to maintain competitive advantage. Creative marketing outreach to include neighborhood and community groups, and local businesses.
Show and Lease apartments. Following up on leads and prospects. Encourage tenants to renew their leases by forming resident retention strategy. Follow up with all notices to vacate to save as many as possible from moving out.
Manage Employees: Mentor and supervise all employees. Conduct frequent staff meetings to assess performance, resolve any disciplinary issues, and create plans of action for timely completion of projects.
Hire and terminate employees under the direction of Upper Management.
Ensure that proper purchasing and inventory tracking procedures are followed.
Communication with vendors to maintain vendor relations. Get quote for all work performed by outside contractors.
Conduct inspections of vacancies and turn-overs in progress to ensure that work is being performed and meeting quality standards.
Overseeing prompt completion of work orders and other maintenance assignments to ensure efficiency. Be accountable for all work performed at the property.

Daily inspections of property to address any safety, maintenance, cleaning, curb appeal, and other issues.
Resident Interaction: Ensure all resident requests are addressed and responded to within 24 hours, to insure tenant satisfaction.
Issue memos and notices to tenants regarding late fees, non-payment, eviction, lease violations, etc.
Weekly collections and vacancy reports. Other reports as required by management.
Processing and recording of rents.
Other responsibilities as required by Management.
Must have minimum three years property management and customer service experience.
Must be adept at multitasking.
Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and have high level of computer literacy. Yardi experience preferred.
Must be personable and possess excellent customer service skills.
Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Must possess superb analytical and problem solving abilities, organizational skills.
Must have a valid driver's license and insurance.
Must be able to complete and pass strict background checks and drug screening.

Don't Be Fooled

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